Manufacturing Products That Perform

We’re built to help you launch and support your growth as your product takes off.
Located in Lancaster, New York, our 108,000sq.ft NSF- and Informed Choice-certified manufacturing facility combines high-speed production equipment, an experienced team, and automation technology to deliver on our commitment to operational excellence.

Equipment That Performs

We take the same care in selecting our equipment as we do when selecting ingredients for your products. We are wired to deliver results and work as efficiently as possible, so we invest in top-of-the-line equipment and assemble our lines to minimize downtime while producing perfectly homogeneous blends—fast.

It Starts With a Plan

To operate efficiently in the production of safe, quality supplements, it takes coordination. With over 1000 in-stock ingredients that are stored on-site, our procurement team ensures we have the required raw materials to manufacture your product when you need it.

Certified, Tested, Guaranteed

While upholding our suppliers to rigid quality standards, we don’t stop there. From the moment each ingredient enters our facility and throughout the entire manufacturing process, our quality controls ensure your products are tested—resulting in safe, consistent products that your consumers expect from your brand.

On Time, Every Time

We understand the importance of upholding commitments. Our dedication to on-time delivery is a top priority. From planning and production to logistics and delivery, our team is built on efficiency and works together to get your orders delivered on time—every time.

Committed to Operational Excellence

Our facility is powered by our drive to do it best. Our continuous improvement team and capital investments support a facility that is running at optimum rates, while maintaining safe, consistent product quality you can count on.

Ready? Let's Go!

From reverse engineering to new product development, we’ll take your product from concept to launch.

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