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We have extensive regulatory experience and expert knowledge to know what it takes to successfully package and ship your product around the globe. Our processes are supported by world-class software, which allows us to consistently be recognized as having best-in-class industry lead times.

Modern Processing and Packaging Facility

No-sheer Mixing Technology for Perfectly Homogeneous Blends

Quality Testing, Allergen Segregation, Ingredient Lot Tracking

Sports & Health Nutrition

We offer custom manufacturing of great-tasting, high-quality performance and health nutrition powder products. With over 20 years working with leading Sports Nutrition brands, our experience supports our customers to create great-tasting formulas that meet or exceed consumer expectations.

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Food Service

We are a nutrition company that manufactures a wide range of sports nutrition products to suit specific client needs. All of our products are manufactured in either our US or Canadian plant to optimize provide the best price and output for you.

Medical Nutrition Products

Serving clients in the medical nutritional community, we offer whey protein concentrates that are custom formulated to help the body heal and recover. They are easily digestible and contain the highest content of essential amino acids.

Multi Level Marketing Products

With our shipping and custom formulation expertise, we are uniquely positioned to suit the needs of multi level or direct marketing clients. Products are tailor made to meet specific consumer needs and shipped in volumes and locations based on your selling patterns.

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