We Know Powders

We’ve turned formulation from science to art.
Formulating powder supplements that perform without sacrificing taste is both a science—and an art form. From reverse engineering to new product development, we guarantee the products formulated by our food scientists will meet your standards. Through expertise in organoleptic testing, flavor matching, nutritional analysis and validation, and sensory and micro- testing, we’ve got powder power.
MOQ starting at 2,000 units

Protein Powder

Pump it up. Whether driving for performance or looking to supplement their diet to improve a healthy lifestyle, demand for more protein is on the rise. We know consumers expect value and performance, so our protein products are made from only top-quality ingredients—limiting fillers to maintain consumer-friendly labels without sacrificing taste.

Performance Nutrition

Strong is in. From elite athletes and bodybuilders to casual gym-goers, consumers are increasingly health-conscious and seeking a more active lifestyle. While goals will vary from gaining muscle mass to toning up, or gaining weight to trimming up, users of sports nutrition supplements expect results. With over 20 years in the sports nutrition category, our team will deliver products that perform.

Functional Nutrition

Challenge accepted. Today’s busy lifestyle combined with the increased focus on improved health and well-being, has resulted in consumers demanding more from their food. This desire for functional foods to fill nutrient gaps or supplement their diet has created tremendous opportunity for brands to deliver more. From increased absorption rates to increased energy levels, our team designs functional supplements that perform.

Ready? Let's Go!

From reverse engineering to new product development, we’ll take your product from concept to launch.

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