Product Development

Design, Formulate, Flavor and Test Your Product with Industry Experts

Nutrablend Foods is a globally-recognized private label manufacturer of sports nutrition, meal supplements, and specialty protein products for many of the world’s leading health and nutrition brands. Combining our experience and innovative approach to product development, we know precisely what ingredients work together to create the best-tasting and most consistent products based on your market needs.
Our knowledge is yours to draw upon.

Expert Guidance

Our experienced team formulates high-quality, innovative products that we deliver to our customers with with rock-solid reliability.

  • We are formulation and taste experts.
  • We have labeling and shipping knowledge.
  • We are testing and regulatory experts.

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Laboratory Services

Our state-of-the-art laboratories allow our Research & Development team to formulate innovative products for our customers.

  • We can reverse engineer any product.
  • We can create any flavor imaginable.
  • We formulate high-quality, great-tasting products.

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Formulation Services

Our food scientists and flavor specialists use their product knowledge and expertise to develop world-class products that taste incredible.

  • We know how to blend the right mix of raw ingredients and flavors.
  • We ensure samples are tested for quality and taste.
  • We thrive on challenges and continuous innovation.

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Sourcing Services

From raw materials to packaging, we source only the best quality from around the world.

  • We use safe, high-quality raw materials.
  • We aim to deliver on every sourcing request.
  • We provide recommendations to help you succeed.

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Flavoring Services

Whether enhancing an existing flavor or creating something new, our flavor specialists will deliver the best-tasting products to meet your market needs.

  • We are experts at flavor blending.
  • We understand flavor preferences vary by country.
  • We formulate the best-tasting product possible.

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Testing Services

We work with the top laboratories throughout North America to provide any and all testing requirements.

  • We use organoleptic testing—our specialty.
  • We use spectrometry testing for raw materials.
  • We test ingredients to maintain quality and safety standards.

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