Quality Is Assured

You’ve got a reputation—and we’ll help you protect it.
Our certifications are the backbone of how we operate. Our proprietary manufacturing process enables us to blend powders that are tested for uniformity and safety—so you can be sure the ingredients listed on your label are in the finished package.

Certified to Protect Your Brand

As an NSF- and Informed Choice-certified facility, we are equipped to uphold quality standards at every stage of the manufacturing process, from sourcing raw ingredients and blending products to packaging and shipping to 100+ countries. We have a Full Food Safety and HACCP program and comply with FDA and FSMA requirements to ensure the safety of your products.

We've Got Your Back

We take full responsibility for protecting your brand. This means we don’t cut corners, we don’t take risks, and we invest in certifications to ensure your label stands up to consumer expectations.

Ready? Let's Go!

From reverse engineering to new product development, we’ll take your product from concept to launch.

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